Um lugar onde os pokemaniacos poderam ter o prazer de treinar os seus proprios pokemons, e ser capazes de sentir emoções e fazer amizade com varias outras pessoas do mundo inteiro. Venha se divertir!!

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 Journey of Alef English Version

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Sabaku Gaara


Mensagens : 485
Data de inscrição : 04/08/2009
Idade : 23

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MensagemAssunto: Journey of Alef English Version   Dom 26 Set 2010, 12:00

How did you know all the pokemon in the world youth coaches receive their first pokemon and Alef and Kiko Leandro is no different! Let's start in the league this season in the Kanto league had already kanto pokemon from all generations

1 º Episode

Title: My Journey Stars here! (English version) :p

1 day later

Alef: our already is too late I better get my first pokemon
that our queue

Leandro: hi alef
Alef: hi leandro how are you
Leandro: i m Fine and you?
Alef: hey you've also chosen a pokemon?
Leandro: yes
Alef: How cool was that?
Leandro: look

Alef: our one Squirtle I'd better go get my goodbye Leandro
Leandro: goodbye
Alef, look at the lab! that there is not the Kiko?
Kiko: hi sleeper
Alef: hello Kiko you already chose a pokemon?
Kiko: clear and was the best look he is here on my shoulder
Alef: he's not supposed to be in the pokeball?
Kiko: not that I do not like pikachu! Goodbye and good luck
Alef: O yeah my pokemon! Professor Oak where are you?
Prof.Oak: alef hi you came for your pokemon?
Alef: yes I want one
Prof.Oak: here this
Alef thank now ....
Prof.Oak: wait! Take these 5 pokeball pokedex and you will need this
Alef: ok thanks

Narrator: and so alef kiko leandro begin their journey.


Última edição por Sabaku Gaara em Dom 26 Set 2010, 12:26, editado 1 vez(es)
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Sabaku Gaara


Mensagens : 485
Data de inscrição : 04/08/2009
Idade : 23

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Journey of Alef English Version   Dom 26 Set 2010, 12:16

Episode 2

Narrator: In the first episode kiko leandro alef chose their pokemon and what will happen now?

title: the stubborn charmander and the charmander Shiny (English version): p

Leandro: already out of town looks pallet that is there?

Leandro: chicorita a pokemon that has to be my Squirtle the water spray chicorita uses evasive and counter-attacks with an attack and evasive Squirtle jet of water hit his head hard and now good and now pokeball go

Leandro: good i captured a chicorita now you come with me chicorita
Leandro: look there is kiko
Kiko: I saw your battle leandro
Leanne: hey where is the alef?
Kiko: that sleeper he still is in pallet
Leandro: oooo thought he was with you
Kiko: do you think he has the same potential as me? you must be kidding
Leandro: ok! look there a charmander
Kiko: it is mine but he has a different color
Leandro: is it
kiko: I see in my pokedex ..... it is a shiny charmander
it has to be my pikachu ready? so it will
Thunder shock he turned and used the flamethrower pikachu skip it and now fast attacking good pikachu thunder shock and now has almost pikachu iron tail good and now pokeball go

Kiko: you saw Leandro i captured an shiny charmander
Leandro: is he even has a different color

Narrator: Kiko Leandro arrived in Veridian City but Alef ...
Alef: I got my first one pokemon charmander
Alef:: o
Alef: look there is an
charmander will use o. ..
Alef hey charmander obey me! ok if you do not obey me I fight alone
(The zigzagun tries to attack me many times when I was on the floor and then he was gone but suddenly)
Alef is a look there
Alef: he wants to attack my charmander you will not attack you (and I got in front of him)
Charmander: char !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alef: you are helping me charmander thanks
Alef: Look there are many tentacools us out charmander
(I caught him in her lap and then we started to run away and then I stumble and fall Agent)
charmander not! (They start hitting the charmander)
Alef: charmander will not see you guys hit me first
Alef: charmander you by my side
charmander that flamethrower!
we won but then he falls charmander
so I ran up to the city of Veridian a pokemon center

Narrator: charmander will it be alright? do not miss the next episode!

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Uchiha Sasuke

Mensagens : 30
Data de inscrição : 27/09/2010

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Journey of Alef English Version   Seg 27 Set 2010, 14:22

Episode 3.

Narrator: In ancient episode kiko and Leandro captured Pokemon, but only alef had problems! Will the charmander from alef was well?

Title: The strength of Charmander (English version) = D

Alef: Look there is Veridian City! And there is the pokemon center
Alef: Nurse Joy I need your help
Joy: what is it?
Alef: is my charmander he does not feel good!
Joy: ok I'll see what I can do!
Alef: I'm not a good coach does not know my charmander!
Joy: okay he only needs a rest!
Alef: thanks Nurse Joy.

Narrator: Meanwhile kiko leandro ate in Veridian Florest towards the Pewter City!

Leandro: I like Bug Pokemon
Kiko: Look I'm not an pokemon bug fan
Leandro: I'll catch one for me!
Kiko: then I will continue my journey! I bet that loser did not get a single pokemon!
Leandro: I bet he already did!
Kiko: We will see you soon! go pikachu
Pikachu: pi! pikachu!
Leandro: let her Chikorita
let's capture that Heracross
Chikorita Razor Leaf
heracros uses evasive and attacking it with a horn attack!
Chikorita care! now turn
Squirtle Go
Squirtle: Squirtle Squirtle!
Squirtle water cannon
Heracross is hit and falls, it will now pokeball!

Good i catch a Heracross
Squirtle back now!

Narrator: Kiko already can see the city of pewter but will sleep with your pikachu and charmander shiny in the open air, Leandro is still in the forest of Veridian and go to sleep at a friend's house with his Heracross, and Squirtle chicorita but alef ...

Alef: my charmander is already good?
Suddenly there was an explosion.
Alef: who are you guys?
Team rocket: you never heard of us?
Alef: yes and you guys will not get my charmander
Team Rocket: your charmander not make us laugh he is weak and we want legendary pokemon
Alef, or think you guys will not steal anything
Team Rocket: ok then will Poliwag and Machop
Alef: You will not get away!
Team Rocket: Let's see brat!
suddenly appears charmander
Alef: charmander! what you want ? Make a team with me?
charmander: charmander char!
Alef: ok charmander, flamethrower!
Charmander: CHARRRRRR !!!!!!!!
Team Rocket: O no we lost! I will not forget that brat
Joy: Thank you for saving these pokemon!
Alef: anything nurse Joy.

Narrator: And so Alef sleeping pokemon center on Veridian City with his charmander.

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Uchiha Sasuke

Mensagens : 30
Data de inscrição : 27/09/2010

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MensagemAssunto: Episode 4   Ter 28 Set 2010, 12:48

Episode 4

Narrator: In another episode alef had to defeat the team rocket, Leandro is in the forest of Veridian and kiko ...

Title: Battle for badge (English version): p

kiko: pikachu look what's that?
Pikachu: Pika?
Kiko is a corphish
Kiko: pikachu you ready?
Pikachu: pi pikachu
kiko: well pikachu thunder shock
Kiko: it is our fast, he did care pikachu is evasive and attacking with a blistering attack on ...
kiko: pikachu evasive and fast attacking very well and now pikachu thunder shock ..
kiko: is it even ends with the tail and iron ...
Kiko: Pokeball go ... and now.

Kiko: a legal captured corphish
Pikachu: pi pikachu
Kiko: pikachu look there is the city of pewter
Pikachu: pika pika!
Kiik: Hey you can tell me where is the gym of pewter?
Sir: I can and as you've now called
Kiko: I'm kiko and this is pikachu.
Pikachu: pi pikachu ..
Sir: I am the mike.
kiko: ok then where is the Pewter gym?
Mr. Mike: here is careful Brock Pokemon he uses stone
try to use Pokemon-type plant and type of water!
Kiko: ok.

Narrator: Kiko opens the doors of the gymnasium of pewter!!

brock: who you are and why they opened the door to my gym so hard?
Kiko: Kiko I call and I'm from Pallet Town, and I want to shred brock
brock: well that you are wanted!
Kiko: let's go!
Brock, will be a battle 2 vs 2 with no time limit!
kiko: ok then!
Brock: Geodude will ....
kiko: Who is this pokemon?

kiko: Geodude! legal will charmander.
brock: I see that you have a shiny charmander.
kiko: charmander flamethrower.
Brock: geodeude defense of iron!
kiko, can not be!
brock: geodeude stone attack.
kiko: charmander he careful that using stones to attack us.
Kiko: charmander evasive and then super punch.
brock: it can not be ...
kiko: Circolo now charmander fire.
brock: geodeude hides in the rocks.
kiko: where is he?
brock: Now geodeude super punch.
kiko: charmander super punch you too!
Judge: geodeude charmander and are out of combat have a tie.
brock: Geodude you fought back well!
kiko: charmander again you also did well!
brock: you do not win it here! will onix
kiko: our one onix
brock, then choose your pokemon.
pikachu: pika pika !!!!( I I).
kiko: corpish will already know.
pikachu: pika ... chu confused
kiko: corpish attack bubbles.
brock: onyx evasive and now goes under the earth.
kiko: where is he?
brock: onix Iron tail now.
kiko: corrpish goes up the onix.
brock: no onixxx!
kiko: corpish attack and now the bubble ..
Judge: onix this out of combat kiko city pallet is the winner ..
brock: congratulations here is your badge ..
kiko: corpish good win ..
corpish: corpish color ...
Pikachu: pi pikachu!

Narrator: So kiko continues its journey into the city of cerulean leandro is already on its way to pewter and Alef is in the town of Verity!

Narrator: Continues in the next episode!
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Uchiha Sasuke

Mensagens : 30
Data de inscrição : 27/09/2010

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MensagemAssunto: Episode 5   Qua 29 Set 2010, 14:12

Episode 5

Narrator: kiko will now rest in a pokemon center near Cerulean City in a cave called MT Moon, leandro is approaching the city of pewter and alef in this forest of Verity.

Title: I captured a pokemon (English version): P

Leandro: Squirtle will go swimming ...

Narrator: A few hours later ..

Leandro: Squirtle you okay? it seems that you are sick,
I have to go to a pokemon center!

Narrator: Meanwhile leandro arrives in Pewter City.

Leandro: Nurse Joy you can heal my Squirtle?
Joy: Of course I will see what he has! it seems he is not well ..
Leandro: he can stay with me today?
Joy: Why? you will train the Squirtle?
Leandro: I do not but .... I'll fight in the gym of pewter against brock
Joy: you'll excuse me but may not use Squirtle today!
leandro: if I do not use Squirtle can not fight, Heracross is weak and I can not fight with chicorita.

Narrator: In that instant it touches the center of cellular pokemon ..

Leandro: Who speaks?
Kiko: I am!
Leandro: kiko are you?
Kiko: yes ja ja I'm going to Cerulean brock fought against and I won!
Leandro: I can not ...
Kiko: Why?
Leandro: because my Squirtle is not well, until I use the chicorita but Heracross is very weak!
Kiko: I understand I've got to look at rest because tomorrow I go to MT capture Pokemon Moon Stone goodbye ..
Leandro: Goodbye!
Professor Oak: Hello Is anybody there?
Leandro: Professor Oak?
Prof. Carvalho: yes hi leandro spoke with him yesterday and alef not yet caught any pokemon, unlike kiko who already have a insignis and various Pokemon are you?
Leandro: having pokemon but still have not got no badges!
Prof.Carvalho: when you get to Cerulean City call me ..
Leandro: yes
Prof.Carvalho: leandro even more ..
Leandro: even more.

Narrator: leandro is so in the pokemon center Cerulean hoping the Squirtle gets better, kiko is already almost at the Cerulean City is going to mt moon and alef ....

Alef: the forest ends up there in front ..
Narrator: Suddenly ...
Alef: Who are you?

Alef: a treeko I want that pokemon charmander will ...
Charmander: Char charmander!
Alef: charmander flamethrower ...
Alef: the careful and deviated treeko this using iron tail
charmander evasive and stand still, so now he is attacking, jump and use the flamethrower to finish and super punch ...
and now go pokeball!

Alef: Good catch a treeko.

Narrator: So Alef continues its adventure and managing to get to pewter city of what happened next? do not miss the next episode ...

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Uchiha Sasuke

Mensagens : 30
Data de inscrição : 27/09/2010

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MensagemAssunto: Episode 6   Sex 01 Out 2010, 12:55

Episode 6

Narrator: The next episode captures a treeko Alef, leandro pokemon is at the center of Petwo and Kiko will enter the moon MT.

Title: The small Larvitar (English version): p

Kiko: here is the moon MT! go pikachu I'm sure it must have strong pokemon!
Pikachu: pi pikachu!
Kiko: pikachu look there! is a Larvitar.
pikachu: pika?
Kiko: he is hurt we go to the pokemon center Cerulean!

Naarador: kiko was running up the center of pokemon cerulean but the way ...

guy: Hey you! Because we do not do a fight?
Kiko: I can not I bring this up Larvitar Pokemon Center!
guy: so if you beat me!
kiko: ok but who are you?
guy: I'm thiago!
Kiko: amateurs like you will not intimidate me! go pikachu!
pikachu: pika!
thiago: ok then Primeape goes! use the super punch ...
kiko: pikachu noncommittal and uses the fast attacking ..
thiago: Primeape use the super punch on the floor! So now that pikachu fell uses super punch him!
kiko: pikachu care! you okay buddy?
pikachu: pika .... pi!
kiko: pikachu use thunder shock ..
thiago: Primeape uses evasive ..
kiko: pikachu quick attack now and then shock of thunder ...
thiago: Primeape!
kiko: pikachu and iron tail now!
thiago: you've come back Primeape is so strong should not have accepted the challenge!
kiko: but it was you who challenged me!
thiago: now go away!
kiko: is there! Larvitar we go to the pokemon center!
kiko: Joy infermeira you help me?
Joy: yes what is it?
kiko: is this not Larvitar he is well now and already can see if my pokemons are others as well?
Joy: Sure! wait a bit ...

Narrator: A few hours later ....

Joy: They are good.
kiko: Hello Larvitar.
Larvitar: home ...
kiko: Larvitar'll leave here with the nurse Joy! Larvitar even more ..
Larvitar: ...
kiko: oh what were you want to come with me? so good pokeball go!
pikachu captured the Larvitar.
Pikachu: pi pikachu!
kiko: Larvitar go! now you come with me and Pikachu!

Narrator: So kiko and his pokemons arrive in Cerulean gym but first they will rest and tomorrow they will fight Misty.


Última edição por Uchiha Sasuke em Sex 01 Out 2010, 14:04, editado 1 vez(es)
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Uchiha Sasuke

Mensagens : 30
Data de inscrição : 27/09/2010

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MensagemAssunto: Episode 7   Sex 01 Out 2010, 14:02

Episode 7

Narrator: Kiko arrive in the cerulean gym but first let's talk about how they are alef and leandro

Title: Meeting of Friends (English version): P

Alef: I arrived in Pewter City Pokemon go to the center.
Leandro: alef?!
Alef: leandro ... did not know that I was going to find here?
Leandro: I got back because my Squirtle was not feeling well
Alef: ah ok ...
Joy: hello what you want?
Alef: Joy infermeira you could see if my pokemons are good?
Joy: yes of course ... your and your charmander treeko are well!
Alef: thanks! leandro you will not fight brock?
Leandro: yes I go there I will try to win the badge
Alef, so let's ...
Leandro: so here is the gym!
Alef: let's go!
Leandro: ok!
Brock: So you are the friends of kiko?
Alef: Yes, as you know?
Brock: he told me he would come by some guys like you!
Leandro: I challenge you and the alef!
Brock: Let's do it! we will fight against my first two pokemons of you and one of you leandro Alef! then accept?
Akef: fine by me! leandro and you accept?
Leandro: it can be! but try not hinder me!
Alef: .. (because everyone thinks I am the weakest?)
Leandro: chicorita will ...
Alef: treeko will ...
Brock: Geodude onyx and go!
Brock: Onix and Geodude iron tail attack rocks ..
Alef: Dodge and blast treeko seed ...
Leandro: chicorita evasive and leaf blade ...
Brock: onix you do not get hurt a lot? I think not going into the ground and geodeude super punch. ...
Alef: treeko geodeude iron tail!
Leandro: chicorita and vine whip!
Judge: geodeude can no longer chicorita treeko and win!
Brock: Geodude back! onix and attacks!
Alef: treeko not!
Judge: treeko can not win more is onix
Alef: treeko back ....
Alef: Leandro is now with you!
Leandro: chicorita can leave razor leaf!
Brock: onyx evasive attack and overthrow ...
Leandro: climbs on top of onix chicorita! and now this vine whip! and it ends with foil knife!
Judge: onix can not win more is chicorita!
Leandro: good now won back chicorita ..
Alef: we won!
Brock: Leanne takes the badge, but alef so I'll give you a badge because you Alef won my Geodude but was not enough! I won because his treeko but take the badge!
Alef: good got my first badge!
Leandro: I do too!

Narrator: More ahead!

Alef: Look there's the moon ... MT
Leandro: is it but look it up!
Alef, is a charmander but he's nervous! but it seems that he is attacking us!
Leandro: ass he is attacking us! Heracross will!
Alef: Heracross?
Leandro: Heracross horn attack!
the charmander diverted!
Leandro: Heracross now uses the attack felled! charmander and throw up! and now this attack horn ...
Leandro: Pokeball go ... so now.

Leandro: good caught a charmander!
Alef: I had the bad news that Squirtle is not well and can not be more mate!
Leandro: what a shame but thankfully now I have a charmander!

Narrator: Once leandro alef and will enter the moon MT! kiko will face misty! what will happen not miss the next episode!

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Journey of Alef English Version
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